Shermaine Birthday Party

Congratulation to the lovely baby, happy 1st years old, and welcome to this wonderful world ~~ Shooting Venue :Pavilion Residences

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Derrick & Racheal Wedding Propose

A Long Journey to Macau For The Perfect Mission...

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Anton & Yulia ROM

Thanks for giving us a chance to join this lovely party´╝î even we have lots communication problem but everything gonna be solved, a great corporation with the lovely couples and their family to create this wonderful function. Shooting Venue :Thistle Port Dickson

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Wedding Reception of Aaron & Litsa

People coming from all over the country to join in this combination wedding of " The East meet West ~ Their fate begin with one pack or locale delicious meal~ ^^ A great moment with the lovely couples in this beautiful Island resort, and congrats to Litsa Ikonomidis and Aaron Francis~ "Im now become Litsa Francis, " Litsa,the bride. ~Cheer~ Shoooting Venue: Pangkor Island Shooting Venue :Thistle Port Dickson

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