Bjorn & Su yin Wedding Ceremony

The story that i need to tell my beloved wife~ Thanks for being a part in my life ~ By Bjorn

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Gulshan & Katherin Wedding Ceremony

Give laugh to all but smile to one, Give cheeks to all but lips to one, Give love to all but Heart to one, Let everybody love you But you love one. This is Gulshan & Katherine, god bless them happy forever...

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Kalidas & Malarvizhi Wedding Ceremony

The best wedding ever ! When two people have the same beating heart. The heart that is filled with love for each other. No matter the distance or obstacles, Kalidas and Malarvizhi are more than willing to fight for what they feel for each other.

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Nicholas & Lee Wen Wedding Ceremony

Someone that i found, she was very independence, someone that can care for me, can control my bad attitudes, can change my life, i would like to thanks her and i'll really love her~~by Nicholas He is a pure Workaholic,i think he's see his colleague, bosses and stuff more than seeing me, but he listen to what i said very patiently and some time i know i can be very annoying, but he still listen to me~ keep going!! That's why i fell in love with him~ by Lee Wen

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Dick Wai & Sharon Bee Wedding Ceremony

She, a chary and a tender person, she's really care about me and i'm blessed that she willing to marry me,by Dick Wai. He, a patient and good temper person that give a lots of forgiveness and happiness to me, by Sharon. Today, we started our new chapter by holding each others till forever and ever~

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