Allen Tan & Sonia Ng Wedding Ceremony

I love you, Thank you for being my wife, and i'll always love you, by Allen Tan We have the different character, but because of this we are complementary to each others, by Sonia Ng.

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Darren & Jiani Wedding Ceremony

2015 first wedding couple... let us bless this super~~~ lovely couple have a happy married life... 百年好合,永结同心 good to shooting for u,my friends...

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Vic Choong & Carmen Wedding Ceremony

7年前的邂逅,造就了今天的我们; 去年的今天你向我求婚, 今年的今天我们结婚啦 ! 感谢你一路上的支持与陪伴,感谢有你的一路来的关怀和爱。 谢谢你 !By Vic & Carmen

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Davis & Mei Kuan Wedding Ceremony

"To love and be loved" is the cardinal sine qua non of all relationships and this is what we shall do for the rest of our lives… let us rejoice and charge forward treasuring every minute moment of our existence till time do us apart. - by Davis Ng

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Andrew & Felicia Wedding Ceremony

爱的XO: 老婆我只XO你一个...By Andrew Tang A fun , sweet and warm vows from this lovely couples ...thanks Andrew & Felicia choosing us as their wedding videographer in this wonderful day.... wish them stay happy and lovely forever...cheers...

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