Kent & Valerie Wedding Ceremony

Both of us is completely different characters, but i'm glad that we completement each others, we are change to be a better person, we are ocean apart and miles away, and by the way we make it true,i thank god to bring us together ~~~ by Valeire, a meaningful words to all of us, thanks again to giving chance a part in your big day~

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Kent & Valerie Church Wedding

The video that bring us laugh and tear within the moment by all the bridesmaid & groomsmen~ We're really appreciate to be a part of your big day, Even the time was rush but all people have a great corporation to make all things smooth to create this wonderful day~

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Advin & Crystal Wedding Ceremony

Finding someone whom you see your life with is never easy.But once you find that special someone,you'll surely be one of the luckiest person on earth.As manifested by Advin on their wedding day "Sayang, i love you so much,and i know you know about it, i love you"

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Adrian & Belle Wedding Ceremony

Do you accept the women besides you as your loving wife? I do I do, by Adrian Do you accept the men besides you as your loving husband? Yes, I do, by Belle I therefor declare you both as husband & wife~~

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Ben Sim & Chiew Fong Wedding Ceremony

Chiew Fong, wa aai lu, The special hockien language vindicate by Ben Sim, to create lots of laugh to all of the guest and even to the bride. The great day that we celebrate with this lovely couples in achieving lots of fun and warm atmosphere to completed an important day in their lives~~

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